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Burst is not a company, it is actually a next generation crypto currency. which uses Proof of.

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Well I am fairly new to this forum, but have been mining Burst for several months and following the threads on bitcointalk, being in crypto's for many years I have.

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There are several important events in the short history of Burstcoin. 2014-08-10: Official announcement on [1] 2014-08-11: Generation of the Genesis block [2] 2014-08-20: First pool available [3] 2014-08-22: Burst/BTC market added to the C-CEX exchange [4] 2014-09-06: Burst/BTC market added to the Poloniex exchange [5]

Burstcoin was introduced on the forum on 10 August 2014 as an Nxt-based cryptocurrency.

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