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27 May 2012.


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Bitcoin's Lightning Network, Simply Explained!The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper · WIRED – Sandra Upson. Jan 19, 2018. Avatar – pilsk · pilsk.

the bitcoin blockchain in the event of uncooperative or hostile partici- pants, through a series.

Clearly, achieving Visa-like capacity on the Bitcoin network isn't fea- sible today.

Bank wire and fund transfer systems (such as ACH and the Visa.

26 feb 2020.

Bitcoin Lightning Netwerk. Ayelet Mizrahi en Aviv Zohar deden gedetailleerd onderzoek onder de werktitel Congestion Attacks in Payments.

14, 2016) (proposing the Lightning Network to improve Bitcoin scalability), https://; Sandra Upson, The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper, WIRED (Jan. 19, 2018).

19 Jan 2018.

The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper.

Sandra Upson is a senior editor at WIRED, where she edits features for.

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