History Made

"History Made," an exclusive, commemorative book chronicling the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, is coming in time for the holidays and is.

1. a biographical sketch containing a description of a person's appearance, qualities, and history. 2. a collection of such sketches. — prosopographer, n.

Today marks a year since Cove Rangers made history. Twelve months ago, the final nail was put into Berwick Rangers’ SPFL.

13 Jun 2019.

Re-live the Blues' entire run to the Stanley Cup in this five-minute video.

26 Mar 2020.


their two-part series documenting the moments after the team's historic Stanley Cup win in 2019. It's called 'History Made: Director's Cut'.

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History Made: Director's Cut - The First 24PJ Montgomery called the end to the nine-month odyssey from Southampton. The Sir Peter Blake-skippered campaign won every leg, holding off the Grant Dalton-helmed Fisher and Paykel. Members from both.

History Made: Director's Cut is a limited series covering the period after the Blues' historic championship run last June. Episodes will premiere on the Blues'.

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Scottish legal history was made yesterday when a civil case involving a £110,000 debt by a now-dissolved Inverness company.