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The Dat Foundation is a small non-profit group that provides social and technical infrastructure for the consortium of projects and working groups. Transparent Funding We believe information and communication technology should be transparently funded and operated. Open Governance At the scale of the web, every decision can have a massive impact on our political systems and social well-being.

15/02/2019  · Bprotocol Foundation (Bancor), LiquidEOS and LiquidApps are separate entities. We wish Beni, Tal and the LiquidApps team the best of luck in their upcoming launch. Learn more at LiquidApps.io and follow LiquidApps on Twitter. On the Road Again: Meet Us in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. We’re extremely excited to attend Asia Crypto Week and speak at Token2049 March 13–15. Bancor co.

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• 2017: Bprotocol Foundation / bancor • 2017: Blockchain platform for Celebrities • 2017: Asset backed currency for solar and batteries • 2017: Blockchain currency for rental market • 2017: Blockchain currency microcredit • 2017: Blockchain currency for crowdfunding, token sales and ICOs • 2015: Asset backed blockchain currency for green energy . Qoin. Founder & Chief Currency.

The Oasis Foundation wants to support projects focused on making a privacy-first internet a reality, from building privacy-preserving applications, to developing better tools for the network, to improving how it operates. If you’ve got a great idea for the Oasis Network we’d love to hear it. The Latest News From Oasis . Medium The Oasis Public Testnet is live. Recently the Oasis Network.

The Foundation’s mission is to champion the Bancor Protocol as a standard for value creation and transfer.