Bitmex Clarifies Position On Bitcoin Hard Forks With Segwit2x Looming

20 Oct 2017.

BitMEX Clarifies Position on Bitcoin Hard Forks With SegWit2x Looming. BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has clarified its position on hard.

What a bitcoin fork actually isEuropean bitcoin users were hit hard last week, when Wavecrest announced.

After abandoning the Segwit2X fork in mid-November, the project has been rebooted and scheduled to fork on December 28.

BitMEX announces bitcoin cash dump.

With the looming bitcoin fork that is scheduled to take place on 25 October,

13 Oct 2017.


fork of Bitcoin at any time. The possibility of a SegWit2x hardfork (B2X) in November 2017 requires that we, once again, clarify our position on.

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