Alpha Faucet Script

16 Apr 2017.

Alpha Faucet Script ***. Features: Caching instead of database. No database needed to run. [I hate MySQL ]; Easy to move your faucet, just.

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To make your own faucet, you'll first need a faucet script or code, or an script of your own. Here are few free and paid.


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Alpha Faucet Script. This faucet script supports dual micro wallets, it can add faucethub's API and so does Faucetsystem and let visitors collect on both. It doesn't.

2 Feb 2020.

To use it on Faucethub, you just have to copy paste faucethub.php code into faucetbox.php, extend class. Alpha faucet script (FREE). Download.

Alphafaucet script · alpha faucet. Pros: – No database necessary. – FREE. – Anti Adblock. – Countdown timer. – Lock out when user makes too many errors on.