$62 Million Gone? Cryptocurrency Mining Market Nicehash Hacked

23 Aug 2019.

Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck was hacked to the tune of 500 million NEM.

NiceHash was a Slovenian cryptocurrency mining marketplace, where.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monacoin, losing about 62 million USD in fiat.

It took the exchange three days to realize that funds were missing from its.

“mined.” Mining Bitcoin, like mining gold is not easy and is extremely costly.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently the dominant cryptocurrency with almost 17 million BTC .

The next part examines various aspects of the darknet and cryptomarkets, which are.

Cyberterrorism – Identifying the Technical Challenges and Missing Solutions”,

costs of cybercrime for FY 2017 as $21.22 million and $17.36 million for FY 2016.

62 Europol, op. cit., p. 19.

NiceHash, a Slovenia-based cloud mining.

[Breaking News]$62 million gone? cryptocurrency mining market nicehash hacked16 Dec 2017.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has gone crazy, widely.

New cats are born from parent cats, (re)producing million of.

One of the most famous mining aggregators, NiceHash, was recently hacked.

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19 Oct 2018.

Although the market shows significant volatility [1], the total market value has reached.

Technically, the “mining” of cryptocurrency means that by reinforcing.

hack of Ethereum, Bitfinex hack, NiceHash hack, the very recent 500 million.

currency or the adoption of the blockchain technology behind it [62].

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